Publishing Innovations in the Age of Big Data

Ziyad Marar (@ZiyadMarar), President, Global Publishing
SAGE Publishing (@SAGEOceanTweets) on YouTube

«The publishing industry and the research community have co-evolved through many changes over the years. The pace of change is accelerating fast however, posing challenges to both on an unprecedented scale. In this London Info International 2017 keynote address Ziyad Marar (@ZiyadMarar), President, Global Publishing, SAGE Publishing discusses how the rise of big data and new technology is transforming the very nature of social research, and how we as an industry can respond to this phenomenon, both tactically and strategically. From the rise of ‘open and sharing’ movements in the scholarly communication system through to the rise of new data sources and technological breakthroughs from the social media giants Ziyad set’s out some thoughts on how we as an industry can navigate well through this new terrain.»