«Creative Book Publishing: Enterprise Project»

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«In the final month of the Creative Book Publishing program, students are organized into groups representing publishing enterprises.

»Students collaborate to create model publishing companies from the ground up, drafting business plans, publishing lists, book covers, websites, marketing campaigns, and more. This intense capstone assignment provides an unprecedented knowledge base which prepares graduates for a successful career in publishing.»

More information: Creative Book Publishing Program at Humber College Faculty of Media and Creative Arts (@HumberMediaArts)

Program details

«Publishing is not just words on a page. At every stage of a book’s life, difficult and critical decisions are made that can alter its fate, as well as the experience of the readers who encounter it. Humber’s Creative Book Publishing graduate certificate program provides you with an intimate and intensive look at how such decisions are made—and gives the opportunity to make some of those decisions yourself.

»This program takes you beyond traditional conceptions of “the book”. Through engaged teaching by experienced publishing professionals, hands-on assignments and activities that mirror real-world practices, as well as multiple networking opportunities with industry experts, and a mentorship program that extends beyond the end of the program, you learn how written works are created, acquired, edited, designed, produced, marketed and sold. You’ll become adept at developing ideas for new projects, managing rights negotiations, creating financial projections and reports, and working with cutting-edge publishing technology. In just one semester, you build in-demand, highly transferable skills to prepare for careers in a wide range of creative industries.

»Humber’s Creative Book Publishing graduate certificate is not about quietly reading in a corner—it’s about becoming an active and engaged part of the creative process.

»Learning outcomes

»Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate will:

»1. Create a freelance business in any of the following areas – Editorial, Publicity/Public Relations, Design/Packaging.

»2. Represent authors as literary agents to publishing houses in Canada and internationally.

»3. Publish their own creative works independent of publishing houses.

»4. Critically analyze proposals and literary works for legal implications including copyright issues, libel, trademark, moral rights and intellectual property rights.

»5. Prepare business documents related to publishing such as business plans, annual reports, and business proposals in conformity with industry and market standards.

»6. Evaluate national and international markets.

»7. Prepare sales and promotion strategies and materials, and negotiate agreements for the selling of rights of authors’ works.

»8. Produce publishing content for media outlets as arts commentators, book reviewers, and TV/radio producers.

»9. Analyze manuscripts for quality and profitability.

»10. Analyze and predict publishing operations in the areas of distribution, credit, supply chain, information technology, warehousing and inventory control, and customer service.

»11. Analyze public policy and granting structures available to publishing as a Canadian cultural industry.

»12. Prepare marketing strategies and create marketing documents and materials for book proposals, book jackets, and sales presentations.

»13. Complete structural edits and copy edits, perform proofreading, and production editing as part of the editorial process.»